Letters; Susan Moore, January 23, 2015

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The Salvation Army collected donations of old clothes from our road so my husband and I took time to have a good rummage through our wardrobes and managed to fill the bag that had been dropped through our door.

As we had been asked to leave it outside before 8am we put it by our gate in the afternoon.

In the morning the bag was gone but I noticed that the donations from other people on both sides of the road were still standing. When the man came to collect the bags I asked him if by any chance he had made an earlier collection. He had not.

I can only conclude that the bag for the Salvation Army was stolen. I am sorry and annoyed that the clothes were not received by the people for whom they were intended. I wonder who would stoop so low as to steal from a charity?

So, I have learnt a lesson: to never leave a charity donation outside overnight as, sadly, there is likely to be someone who might pinch it.

Susan Moore,

School Road, Middleton