Letters: Terence Parish, February 20, 2015

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Re: the inspector’s decision about a planning application for 40 homes in Clenchwarton. An appeal was also heard regarding the long running application at School Road, Heacham.

Should this appeal also be upheld by the inspector I hope West Norfolk Council takes it to a judicial review, too.

This planning application also wants too much development in the wrong place and is contrary to the Local Plan.

As an attendee at the appeal, which lasted three days, I was appalled at the imbalance between the two parties. The council was represented by a few hard working officers, the appellant by a QC, a planning consultancy, six ‘experts’ and administrative support.

So the appellant not only has the right to appeal against a democratic decision (hundreds of objections, unanimous support from local councillors, the planning committee and the local MP), the appellant can also seek to overwhelm their opposition with as much money as they care to spend. This does not seem to reflect the ‘localism’ agenda of the Government.

Terence Parish,