Letters: Terry Parish, September 30, 2016

McCarthy & Stone site in hunstanton ANL-150805-175524001
McCarthy & Stone site in hunstanton ANL-150805-175524001
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As a Heacham parish councillor and candidate for the by-election in Heacham to elect a borough councillor, I would like to comment on the issues raised in letters (September 16).

Two letters concern the confusion and nuisance caused by the construction of the roundabout (in Heacham) to serve the Hopkins Homes development in Hunstanton. This development was an error of judgement. The roundabout access was and remains an act of sheer folly. It was never the best or most sustainable access and the construction process with its detrimental effect on private and public transport compounds the nonsense which created it. Anne Milner writes that the shuttle bus to pick up on Hunstanton Road was not well publicised. Norfolk County Council did provide assurances that they had the matter in hand, but as they made errors about where and when traffic diversions should be made then the bus debacle was inevitable.

John Bird’s confusion about road closures is perfectly understandable given Highways had to send out a team to remove and replace all their signs. However, between now and spring the A149 will be closed from time to time in one direction and sometimes both. Efforts are still being made to stop the roundabout, minimise the nuisance caused by construction and mitigate the traffic problems likely in Heacham when the Hopkins estate is built.

Mr Blundell wrote to comment on the McCarthy and Stone edifice in Hunstanton. A view is quite important in a seaside town and the height of any structure so close to the sea should have been considered if common sense prevailed. AJ Hall of Lynn wrote about the nightmare parking along South Beach Road, Heacham. One reason for roadside parking is the too-high parking tariffs for the car park. The parish council has been trying to improve matters for over two years but, has had no success with either officers or councillors. I will continue to pursue this. I am standing as an independent candidate. I have no connections to any political party and, if elected, will endeavour to do my best forHeacham.

Terry Parish, Woodside Avenue, Heacham