Letters; Toby Coke, July 24, 2015

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Regarding the debacle of the Planning Inspector ruling that West Norfolk Council’s Local Development Framework (LDF) could not be found sound without further mitigating evidence on flooding and environmental concerns.

Residents have been let down with a bump as unless the borough council can get its act together and provide these answers, which I understand might be forthcoming by September, fears mount that a developers’ free-for-all will occur, only constrained by the Core Strategy, which determines the scale and distribution of growth. The borough council should clarify what the procedure is and will be for planning applications being processed now and those in the pipeline. If applications are turned down, they are likely to succeed on appeal with no approved LDF in place.

The politicians responsible should consider their positions as years of work have been misdirected and it would be interesting to hear if Henry Bellingham still supports the LDF, which he supported last June in the House of Commons?

Cllr Toby Coke

Leader UKIP and Independent Group, NCC