Letters: Tony Hunt, January 16, 2015

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It is a tremendous relief for our area and the town to have reached a satisfactory conclusion to this long-running incinerator saga once and for all.

Great credit must go to the unswerving and selfless dedication of a group of people led in the main by KLWIN who fought with dignity and conviction to crush this flawed plan. Without their tireless efforts over these past years, and often at great personal expense to themselves, this town would have had the blight of a waste burner on the landscape and with all the ramifications that that would entail.

There are many people who volunteered their time and effort in supporting or driving the campaign to a greater or lesser degree, it is not my place to single out individuals but they know who they are. I do know that we owe them a debt of gratitude. How different from those unaccountable individuals in County Hall, who in their wisdom signed up to the plan and in the process signed away upwards of £30 millions of our money to the benefit of the developer on the proviso of the thing not being built!

How could this happen in a democracy when there was no appetite to proceed? Did those signing the contract go home that night and think – ‘ we’ve done a good job today’? It was a mistake of gigantic proportions in a so called time of austerity.

Think how many charities in the county could have benefitted from this reckless and unnecessary waste of cash.

I for one would like to see how such a deal was entertained and allow those involved be made to justify their actions.

I would like to thank your paper for its unstinting support and fair reporting throughout in this David and Goliath campaign. King’s Lynn can be proud of the result.

Tony Hunt

The Dell, Stoke Ferry