Letters: Tony Hunt, October 20, 2015

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edith cavell head ENGEMN00120110811150436
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I refer to the tribute paid to Edith Cavell that appeared in the Lynn News last Friday, written by Victoria Fear, to mark the centenary of the execution of this great Norfolk heroine and I salute your paper for reminding us at this time of this inspirational figure from our county.

The service of commemoration held at All Saints’ Church, last Sunday, was very moving and appropriate, especially the readings from Edith’s diaries and letters.

Father Adrian Ling and the volunteers of that church can be proud of their efforts in marking the occasion in such a fitting manner and it was a privilege indeed to have attended.

This last event reminds me of the diverse and interesting events in the town and these largely driven by unpaid volunteers. To name but a few, Lynn Festival, Heritage Day, NSO Concerts, Community Cinema Club, a free museum in the winter, free organ recitals in the summer, and the Film Festival held earlier this month. Lynn is certainly a town with much to offer.

Tony Hunt

Stoke Ferry