Letters: Tony Taylor, September 22, 2015

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British Telecom Open Reach vans cable gv ENGPPP00120130731110854
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I live in Heacham. On August 3, as requested,BT disconnected my phone as I was moving house, about two miles away but still in the same village.

I asked to retain my phone number and this was agreed. I was told I could not have super fast broadband which I had at my old address, even though I was in the same village. I heard nothing for three weeks, then I received an email to say that there was a problem with my order. After several difficult phone calls, waiting up to 20 minutes to get connected, and being cut off in mid call, I received a call from a man called James. He informed me that it was in hand but could not give me a completion date.

Then they gave my number away to someone else who was not happy to be receiving all my calls. I cannot call James so had to wait until he contacted me.

The number should not have been given away and it will not be given back to me until my phone is connected, in the meantime it is being used by someone else!

I have had three updates from James. According to him there have been three surveys. A pole has been suggested, the latest is they are going to dig a hole, for which they have to close part of the road.

James is still unable to give any idea how long it will be before I am connected.

It would interest me to know how many of your readers have had similar problems. The worst thing is not being able to know how long I will have to wait. It is made more irritating by the fact that the mobile signal here is very poor.This email is sent from my iPad using a friend’s wifi.

Tony Taylor