Letters: Valerie Brundle, March 24, 2015

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I expect a lot of people by now have experienced the wonderful chicanes within the grounds of Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

I for one couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I drove along the roadway.

Who on earth said “yes” to these?

A friend of mine who had a broken pelvis said it was most uncomfortable going across these, so what must it feel like with a broken back.?

I can understand why these type of humps are put down, but surely not with A&E on the other end. Patients with other ailments endure quite a knock when going over them.

It’s a known fact that this has been tried in other hospitals, but eventually they have been taken away after so many complaints.

With the exit on to the roundabout, which had no thought at all of how one negotiates when trying to pull out from the new slip road. This could be an interesting year.

I have also observed ambulance drivers whilst on “blue lights” having to open their door to see if it’s safe to pull out. The angle is all wrong.

Valerie Brundle,