Letters: Verity Connolly, February 13, 2015

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The group LARA was set up because of the inappropriate placement of the houses proposed to be built on Lynnsport.

At no point have we suggested we are against development. We object mainly because there is plenty of brownfield sites, one of which is the other side of the road to Lynnsport. The reason it seems is they won’t use this is because they will have to clear it and this of course will cost money.

Even though the council has handed over hundreds of thousands of pounds of OUR money before planning permission has even been granted. I would question the reasons for handing out that money if they were really going to listen to the public’s concerns.

Some people have written in to papers saying it isn’t the only green space and there are others a few miles away.

I think this is concerning. It is the only option for some people who haven’t got a car (which in itself is odd to have drive to a green space to get fresh air when there was already one). It is free, so it is accessible to everyone.

There are many Government papers detailing the benefits of green spaces for health reasons alone.

The emails and objection letters are not the same. I urge all local people who disagree to this development to write their objection. People from the wider community will also be affected by this as in just a few years our road systems will be at FULL capacity.

Some have accused us of being nothing more than NIMBYs. One of our aims, as a group, is to educate local people so they have an understanding on the policies and frameworks that effect them and their communities. We have put up links so people can become informed therefore help them have a say in their local community.

We are encouraging people to look at the Local Development Framework and learn more about what is happening around them, Not just at the Lynnsport site. We also have concerns regarding the Gaywood development and the lack of infrastructure in that area and the loss of the green space there.

Sadly the percentage of affordable housing on this development is tiny and these houses are not “council houses”. They probably will be joint ownership properties which in themselves are expensive to buy. The houses that can’t be sold will no doubt be bought by landlords for private rent and these are very often not affordable. I am not sure this development will help the social housing list at all.

The infrastructure is not in place, there are no clear plans to see and the access road has changed to a through road with no consultation at all. This will make it more dangerous for those (mostly elderly) on Columbia Way which is a fairly quiet area at the moment. Loke Road will also be effected as the amount of traffic will increase dramatically.

Verity Connolly,

LARA spokeswoman