Letters: Vernon Moyse, July 10, 2015

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Nick Vinehill’s remarks on the raison d’etre for the European Parliament ( June 26) were breathtakingly off-course.

He would have us believe that the EU Parliament was created to solve and, moreover, has solved, the issue of disparate fiscal and monetary regimes among European states. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those problems could only be solved by harmonising the tax systems of all 28 member states and that is not even on the distant horizon. Greece is the prime, current example of this failure. So what we are left with is an EU talking shop with thousands of translators on a massive rota dealing with the 28 or more different languages and generating vast volumes of paperwork to fuel the Tower of Babblers. Each country’s documents say the same things whether in Polish, French, Hungarian or whatever. This paperwork is then carted between two Parliamentary sites, one in Strasbourg and one in Brussels, which alternate every six months. For this purpose fleets of lorries are hired at a cost of €600 million. This for the prestige of just the two nations of the 28, but mostly because of French chauvinism. The United States of America became the United States by long struggle but had at least the benefit of adopting a single language, a single capital and a single federal tax system to pay for major expenses. As for Nick’s comments on the ‘little Englanders’, his disdain for our country is beneath contempt.

Perhaps he has just missed the spectacle of the unelected Mr Juncker insulting the elected Prime Minister of ‘that little country’ Greece. He even called him a liar, which is the kind of ‘diplomatic’ language that only the unelected and unsackable can employ. Meanwhile a certain Franco-German couple swan about the place speaking for all other countries without a hint of shame. Nor are they fussed that the EU accounts are never signed off by the auditors. The ‘little’ German Corporal and the ‘little’ Corsican Emperor must be chuckling in their graves. But my little England, I dare say, can still spot a few thugs just as easily as it spotted those thug’s dud currency. Vote ‘NO’ fellow Brits. Stay Great.

Vernon Moyse

by email