Letters: Vernon Moyse, November 10, 2015

Campbells Meadow sign. ENGANL00120130801131837
Campbells Meadow sign. ENGANL00120130801131837
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This tinkering with Tesco’s road access is an approach which bedevils the whole of Lynn’s roads system (the word “system” rather dignifies a state of growing gridlock).

How many stabs did the county council have at getting the Southgates roundabout sorted out? How did the Tesco’s one-way exit road via Campbell’s Meadows come to resemble a winding country lane? While Norwich, which hosts the Highways Department, has wonderful, spacious new ring roads, Lynn is not given anything like proper priority for attention, even suffering road chippings in place of resurfacing and now road development by hand-out from a supermarket.

When (Conservative?) developers have finished building hundreds of houses in South Wootton and other Lynn approaches, no-one will be able to reach Tesco’s store in Gaywood or shops in Lynn’s historic centre. And who likes the out-of-town mega-store concept and the inevitable destruction of town centres? Even our Conservative MP, Henry Bellingham, is left impotently hand-wringing while his colleagues at County Hall feast on scarce highways resources.

No ring roads, no Wash barrier and power station, no bridge to the east of the town for heavy docks traffic, no homes for youngsters to despoil “pretty Norfolk villages”. In short, no imagination and total absence of an Isambard Kingdom Brunel or even a Frederick Savage to drive improvements. We hear much talk of “the Northern powerhouse” but little about an East Anglia which feeds the nation.

Vernon Moyse

King’s Lynn