Letters; W Blundell, February 20, 2015

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In reference to Ronald Mortimer’s letter (Lynn News, February 6), as a Labour voter it is very rare I agree with a Conservative. But on this occasion I do.

If what Mr Mortimer says is correct and Mr Miliband is asking Gerry Adams if his party would join a coalition with Labour at the coming election – no way, this would be so wrong.

I still have a good memory of the conflict in Northern Ireland and in England and of Gerry Adams and the part he played. I will write to Ed Miliband and tell him not in my name.

Although I am a lifetime Labour voter I am getting to the point I have no time for any of the parties. Except for the rich and wealthy the people are never any better off.

Mr Mortimer says he served his country for 22 years as a proud soldier and he is right to be proud. I have the utmost respect for our armed forces. My two sons were in the Army. But what this Tory-led coalition has done is evil. They have decimated our forces and promise more to come.

I used to see Mr Cameron paying visits to the soldiers in Afghanistan and giving them all the platitudes – you are all doing a good job, the country loves you etc, etc. Then when they got back from Afghanistan thousands were sacked. What a two-faced, horrible person Cameron is.

I hope he doesn’t get the UK involved in any more conflicts. We will have to call up the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. It is a shame The Queen, as head of the armed forces, can’t speak out about what is going on, seeing her armed forces being decimated by her government. She cannot be happy about it.

W Blundell,

Cypress Place, Hunstanton