Letters: W Blundell, March 13, 2015

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On Monday of last week I was taken by ambulance to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with severe stomach pains. From the paramedics arriving at my home to going to A and E and being admitted to the surgical assessment unit I would not have received better treatment if I had been a millionaire.

Everyone was so very nice, polite, very professional and caring. It was excellent treatment.

At the same time all the departments were under pressure but all staff remained calm and organised. I have never seen people work so hard, in particular the nurses - they did not stop.

The patients in the ward were full of praise for all the staff but all very annoyed that this Tory government would not give them a wage rise, not even one per cent. It just proves how uncaring and wicked the Tories are and to see Tory MPs walking around our hospitals is an insult and hypocritical. They do not care about the NHS. Many of these Tory MPs who voted No to a pay rise for NHS staff have two jobs making their yearly salaries well over £100,000 per year plus expenses and they voted No to a nurse getting a pay rise. Pathetic!

What will MPs do in April when they debate the proposed ten per cent pay rise. If one Tory MP accepts a pay rise they must be named and shamed. National and local NHS staaff are far more important and needed by society than MPs.

Give MPS nurses’ pay and nurses have MPs’ pay. That’s fairer.

How anyone can want another five years of Tories needs their head looked at. The NHS is not safe in their hands.

W Blundell

Cypress Place