Letters: W Blundell, March 27, 2015

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What an excellent letter from Michael Askew (Lynn News, March 17) about why fireman are striking.

As he states, when you join the Fire Brigade you sign up to a compulsory pension scheme contract that you will pay in for at least 30 years.

It is roughly £400 per month out of your salary, so hardly a free pension.

Now the government want to alter the contract as it suits them. A contract is a contract, legal and binding, so to me the government is acting in an

illegal manner.

Also, why is it the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland assemblies have come to a deal with the firefighters?

The Tories must hate the

public sector workers as they have constantly attacked them for five years.

Hundreds of thousands of job losses, they have decimated the Armed Forces and the Police and Border Control staff, they are destroying the NHS, and no pay rise for NHS workers – not even one per cent.

Without the public sector workers, the country would be in a sorry state. They do the most vital and important jobs.

David Cameron has already stated that if he gets re-elected he will make it almost

impossible to strike. What next, making it illegal to join a union?

The Tories will not be happy until all workers’ rights have been removed.

We have the weakest workers’ rights in Europe and soon we will have none. Won’t the fat cats of industry love that.

Together, with the banks, they have the Tories in their pocket.

W. Blundell

Cypress Place, Hunstanton