Letters: Wendy Tinkler, March 10, 2015

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So good people of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk, who does Lynnsport and the surrounding area belong to? You!

It is recreational space for us all –old and young, rich and poor. We all need a bit of recreation in our lives, whatever form it takes.

Lynnsport is an area not only for the residents of Gaywood to make use of, but all of King’s Lynn – the Woottons and all the surrounding villages – and it is well used.

I know this because I am fortunate enough to live close by.

I hear the sound of hockey balls knocking on a Saturday morning, I hear the cries from boys playing football, I hear the tannoy announcing the next race and winners at sports competitions, I hear music at events held there.

In the night I hear the sound of the muntjac deer that frequently visit.

Now I hear the sound of the digger coming to destroy what we have, without permission even being granted.

The very area that is a wildlife haven – not only muntjacs, but hedgehogs, squirrels and more magpie than will fit into a rhyme and so, so much more.

How many clubs, football teams and schools make good use of the green areas – much more than the councillors seem to be aware of.

Yes we need housing for future generations but they will need more than just a roof over their heads.

There seems to be no proposed improvement in infrastructure apart from an additional road.

When all the proposed housing is built, how on earth will we ever get a doctor’s appointment?

How will the already over-subscribed schools possibly cope? Will they also have to build on their own green recreational areas?

Children need to play in the fresh air to relax and grow. They can’t pop down to the Lynnsport fields if we have paved them and built on them.

With all the proposed development in and around King’s Lynn, Gaywood, Woottons, Heacham and Hunstanton negatively impacting on existing communities and overstretching existing facilities, wouldn’t it be better to create a whole new village rather than spoil other areas.

Create new communities, purpose-build schools and amenities and create new business opportunities rather than overstretch existing infrastructure.

I’m sure we all felt a sense of pride when the Olympic torch visited – the finale would have been so much less of an event had it been a housing estate.

Lynnsport green area belongs to you, please find your voice and don’t let the councillors behaving in this arrogant manner steal it from us.

When it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Please don’t let this happen.

Wendy Tinkler

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