Letters: Wendy Twite, August 2, 2016

New Owner of Bawsey Pits.'Stephen Bacon ANL-150310-113716009
New Owner of Bawsey Pits.'Stephen Bacon ANL-150310-113716009
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I have been saying I must write a letter to Stephen Bacon to say he must open those gates at Bawsey Pits for people to park inside as they have done throughout the years. Leziate parish also wants those gates opened.

Surely he understands it’s a lovely place for people to enjoy. When he was able to buy that area he had plans, but nothing has been done.

The railway line he wanted to create was nowhere near there; it was where the feedstuffs were built at the time when the station closed and part of the track is still there where Bacons mobile homes are, and where they park their Baco skips.

So it’s very selfish for him to keep those gates closed, and there are public paths from Leziate through there, which no-one can stop from being used. Those pits were lovely and the woods, with lots of chestnut trees, we’ve loved them. And those paths had to be retained when it was passed by the Government for the silica sand to be removed, which was needed for glass. The villagers of Leziate fought against it, but it was stipulated it had to be left for people to enjoy, which it was.

This is a lovely amenity and to have something free to enjoy is great; the many young people who walk and cycle from Lynn have somewhere to go, especially now the school holidays are here. I am also sure no car owner would mind paying £1 to park and the money could be used to have someone there to keep an eye on things.

However it is getting unsafe along that road and the cones put there by the police are, of course, always removed.

Sir Henry Bellingham MP says he knows Mr Bacon, so perhaps he will look after his constituents who voted him into office and not take sides with a friend. I was born in Leziate and this is a lovely area to live

Wendy Twite, Leziate