Letters: Wendy Twite, July 10, 2015

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I do believe the new bus station is a nightmare, especially for the bus drivers.

I saw it on the day it opened. Buses were backing with the bus full of passengers while other buses were trying to get to their bay, each stuck with nowhere to go. Later in the week, it was no better as each bay has too many different routes using them. The ‘H’ one on Tuesday was horrendous. Coach passengers, of which I was one, had nowhere to sit or stand as other coach passengers were also waiting. Shopping trollies were parked and had to be left unattended while getting on the coach, as of course, bus passes have to be used.

There seems to be lots of wasted space all around the bus station. On a Saturday, I saw skate boarders using space outside Sainsbury’s where the seats and cycle racks are. Also the bus bay seats need the centre bar removed as the seats will only hold four people.

Buses get caught in traffic trying to get into Lynn, which makes them late.

If anything can be changed to help those bus drivers, it would be a good thing, I’m sure.

Wendy Twite