Letters: Wendy Twite, July 4, 2017

After reading the letter from Warren Jones (Lynn News, June 27) I need to point out firstly that people are not trespassing, public paths go through that site and that’s why the side gate has to be left open at the Bawsey end.

I was born in Leziate and still live here. When these woods were taken for sand it was a government issue and the area had to be left for the enjoyment of Leziate, Ashwicken and Bawsey residents. BIS were the owners of the sand company. They were true to their word and did put in play equipment for children visiting the lakes and the lovely sandy area. They created a parking area to include buses as the local schools did their cross-country running there.The brick building had toilets and changing rooms. Everyone knows that swimming has never been allowed. It’s a great pity that an area for this was never arranged as it’s always been a magnet when it’s very hot and a free place to go. It was because of the tragedy that the present sand company decided to sell it. The first people to own it were going to have a boating lake but they were unable to for whatever reason and pulled out. The present owner, who we of course all know, then bought it and was going to do great things and after three or four years, has done nothing except to refuse to open the gates and so cause all the parking along the verges. As I walked down and took photographs, I spoke to people and it was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves.

It is a wonderful area and needs to be enjoyed and it is a great pity West Norfolk Council did not buy it. I have given Leziate Parish Council lots of newspaper cuttings about this area throughout the years and have lots of parish magazines with details of public paths through the lakes area. I suspect the owner regrets buying it. I know rubbish gets left there as I have seen it all bagged up. It’s a pity visitors don’t take it home with them.