Letters, WJ Blundell, 12 June 2015

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I would like to respond to Jeffrey Reed’s letter, Lynn News May 29. We do agree on one thing – we need less career politicians and more with work experience in the real world. Too many politicians are there because of being from a privileged family, or because of the school they went to, their connections or a nod and a wink.

Jeffrey Reed says Jo Rust is a hard line left wing union socialist who would back a rail strike – good on her. The rail unions have been talking over a year, same as the firefighters over two years, as the government tries to rob them of their pension. Mr Reed states Jo Rust would not care about the disruption to people. That also applies to the government or people who run Network Rail. His remark was silly about overpaid rail employees getting £110,000 – the bosses, yes, not the workers. He says the Labour party is in the pocket of unions. When did the Labour party last do anything for unions? The Tory party is definitely in the pocket of big businesses who donate large sums to the Tory party and they will want favours for money – and the Tories will oblige. And let’s put to bed the Tory lie that the economic crisis was caused by Labour. Rubbish. The governor of the Bank of England said it was not the cause plus a lot of economists said the same. It was a global crisis, mainly caused by the bankers, the Tories’ friends, playing roulette with billions of pounds, all starting in America. Gordon Brown had no choice but to bail out the banks. He had an all-party agreement. In the last five years under the Tories, they borrowed more in five years than Labour did in 13 years. The rich and wealthy doubled their money, the vast majority of people were left worse off. They govern for the few, and the poorest in society subsidise the richest. That is the Tory way.

WJ Blundell

Cypress Place, Hunstanton