Letters; WJ Blundell, April 11, 2017

Wellingborough Prison closed in 2012.
Wellingborough Prison closed in 2012.
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After the tragedy in Westminster the Prime Minister heaped praise on our emergency services and rightly so.

They all do wonderful work every day saving lives and risking their own, as we saw when that poor police officer was killed. To me the Prime Minister has made herself a hypocrite. She must have known when she was praising these services they were going to be rewarded with a one per cent pittance of a wage increase for the sixth year. It is a national disgrace. The state pensions handed out are an insult and the way the government has trumpeted the increases in the minimum wage and so-called living wage is a farce. They have gone up in pennies. Doesn’t this government realise that everything is going up? Rents, council tax, water rates, gas, electric and travel, for example. Wages are stagnating, house prices are going through the roof, consumer debt is at record levels and the national debt has tripled. Prison officers have been lied to. All the talk of £4,000 to £5,000 rises but now they say only five per cent will get it. Now they are trying to stop disabled people from being reimbursed for the bedroom tax, this after the Works and Pensions Department lost the case in the Supreme Court. The 500,000 on employment support will have payments cut from £100 to £73 over four years. So much for the Prime Minister saying she wants to create a stronger, fairer Britain. What while she has people like ex-Chancellor Osborne in the party, Mr Six Jobs. Very Fair? If our MP reads this, then let him respond and tell me where I am wrong. It is no longer about need but all about money.

W J Blundell

Cypress Place, Hunstanton