Letters: WJ Blundell, April 22, 2016

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What a shambles this government is making of running this country, or should I say, ruining this country?

History is repeating itself. The Tories were in power when coal mining was wiped out. Also when the NHS was in a terrible state, trolleys were stacked up with patients in corridors. And now our steel works could be wiped out thanks to the Tories’ obsession with leaving everything to market forces. Mrs Thatcher started it – if it does not make a profit, shut it down, no matter how much it’s needed by the people. Cameron does not want to save the steel industry. They could have acted years ago, but Cameron and Osborne did not want to ruin their new-found relationship with China. They would rather sacrifice our own steel workers or put 40,000 of own people out of work. Then they will moan about how much these people are costing the country in benefits. How could our steel works ever survive, with massive business rates, energy costs plus green and carbon taxes, paying more than any other country? A tariff could have been put on China and all the big projects, such as refitting Navy ships, HS2 and wind farms etc, could have been done using our steel and our work force.

W J Blundell, Cypress Place, Hunstanton