Letters: WJ Blundell, April 5, 2016

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So we have had the Budget from our incompetent chancellor Mr Osborne and let’s be honest, he has failed, so has his right wing dictatorship Tory government.

Six years of cutting everything to the bone, wage freezes for millions, nurses to only get one per cent rise for the next five years and MPs an 11 per cent rise.

The NHS is on its knees with staff morale the lowest its ever been. People do not want to join the NHS, quite the opposite. The way they are trying to bully junior doctors is a disgrace and now they are taking away from nurses in training the bursary and replacing them with loans that could put a nurse £50,000 in debt at the end of training.

Our mental health care and social care is in crisis, GP surgeries are to face big cuts in funding and many pharmacies are to close due to cutbacks.

Mr Osborne’s pensions tax relief is another U-turn that favours the richest earners. Hundreds of thousands of women were cheated out of their pensions and retirement plans when the age of retirement was increased. They also have plans to increase the state pension age to 75. So it’s work until you drop. How many of this Tory government will be working until they are 75?

After all Cameron’s tough talk on immigration, in six years, year upon year, it has got higher and is now at record levels. We have a bunch of private schoolboys determined to deliver our health care into the hands of greedy private companies for big profits rather than good care.

In May 2010, before the Tory-led coalition came along, the NHS was in the best health that it had been in since the trollies in the corridors days of the last Tory government.

W J Blundell, Cypress Place, Hunstanton