Letters: WJ Blundell, December 18, 2015

A Tornado at RAF Marham, Norfolk. EMN-150312-113311001
A Tornado at RAF Marham, Norfolk. EMN-150312-113311001
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I cannot believe the arrogance and ignorance of Mr Cameron to say that people who do not agree with the UK bombing Syria must be “terrorist sympathisers” and then refusing to apologise for his remark.

I believe Mr Cameron is a warmonger and there’s no apology from me. There must be thousands of ex-armed forces people in the UK who served and fought for the UK ,but don’t believe bombing Syria is right. Are they terrorist sympathisers? Mr Cameron and his supporters keep on about making the UK a safer place – are these the same people who sacked tens of thousands of soldiers on their return from Afghanistan, plus 17,000 police and cut border control staff? Bombing Syria will put the UK more at risk. There are many terrorist cells in the UK just waiting for the right moment and our bombing Syria could be just the excuse they are waiting for. I remember our government being friends of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Gadaffi, doing billions of pounds of trade with them, and Assad was our friend when we were bombing Iraq. Now Cameron has got into bed with China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and India, all of which have a very bad human rights record.

W J Blundell

Cypress Place, Hunstanton