Letters: WJ Blundell, February 12, 2016

david cameron PMQ PPP-160302-121321001
david cameron PMQ PPP-160302-121321001
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I think it is a disgrace and shameful the way Cameron and his cronies are treating industries in the UK.

This government has done nothing for the 5,000 steel workers and 500 coal miners and the Tory media has hardly mentioned it.

It’s not just the job losses it’s the knock-on effect on the whole community and local economy. There is no other work, these people will have to claim benefits.

Will Cameron call these people lazy and workshy and demonize them and criminalise them like he has done to every benefit claimant. France, Germany and Italy helped when their industries were in trouble. A £400 million contract to build railway carriages for the UK has gone to Spain. It seems the Spanish company will get the contract for HS2 next year.

Cameron has betrayed the workers and industries, keeping foreign workers employed and at the same time putting UK workers on the dole. The Tory thinking behind this is to destroy unions.

What hurts me the most are the people of this country who don’t seem to care about their fellow workers. It seems the fight has gone out of people. In wartime they fight like lions, in peace time, there’s not a wimper.

W J Blundell, Cypress Place, Hunstanton