Letters: WJ Blundell, February 17, 2017

QEH open day
QEH open day
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There were some excellent letters in Viewpoint, Lynn News, February 10, regarding the NHS crisis.

Let’s have no more lies and waffle from this government which has caused it. They took three billion pounds from the NHS budget. They have put no new money into the NHS. Since they came into office in 2010, 7,000 NHS beds have been lost. Only Spain in Europe spends less than the UK on healthcare. We have a prime minister in total denial about the crisis and a health secretary who wants to privatise the NHS. The Tories never wanted the NHS since the day it was conceived. Their obsession with privatisation has been bad for the consumer. Social care is vanishing, thousands of elderly people are blocking NHS beds as there is no place for them. This government has said to get money to pay for these services from the rise in council tax. What a cheek. The councils are bled dry but are still expected to provide everything. What a state for future generations this government is leaving, cuts everywhere, everything going up, a housing crisis. What a wonderful CV this government has got in six years. Scandalous.

W J Blundell

Cypress Place, Hunstanton