Letters: WJ Blundell, February 26, 2016

Junior doctors strike February 10 2016 SUS-161002-122342001
Junior doctors strike February 10 2016 SUS-161002-122342001
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In reference to the junior doctors’ strike – so tens of thousands of doctors are wrong and Jeremy Hunt and the Government are right?

These doctors are far more important to this country and its people than the right-wing Tory dictatorship whose only interest is to look afer the rich and the wealthy. Now because they cannot get their own way with the junior doctors, they resort to bully boy tactics. They will now impose these contracts on the junior doctors. Democracy in this country has now been replaced by a dictatorship. These junior doctors may now go abroad or or to Scotland or Wales where things are run properly. Cameron and his cronies now want to silence the unions so workers have no voice. All unions should support the junior doctors if contracts are imposed on them and there should be a complete walk-out in the public sector. Boris Johnson said junior doctors are money-grabbers. That’s rich coming from a Tory who earns nearly £700,000 a year, lives in a house in London worth £2.5million and also a house in Oxford worth £1.5 million.

W J Blundell

Cypress Place, Hunstanton