Letters: WJ Blundell, January 23, 2015

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Ronald Mortimer and Mike Riggs were both wearing their rose-tinted Tory specs in letters on January 9. You know they are Tories when they have a go at Jo Rust.

As usual, Ronald Mortimer comes out with the old Tory chestnut that the Labour party left the country in a mess and the wonderful Tory party had to pick up the pieces. Rubbish. Even the Bank of England said the Labour government was not to blame. It was a global problem and bankers must take the lion’s share of blame as they were reckless.

When Gordon Brown bailed out the banks it was with all parties’ backing.

He goes on to praise Mr Bellingham. Yes, he is probably a good MP but one who is comfortable and votes with his party on every issue even if he does not personally agree with it. The same as all Tory MPs in Norfolk, I see that as gutless.

Mike Riggs says the bedroom tax is fair, so was the poll tax. How could the poll tax be fair – someone in a one bedroom flat paying the same as a millionaire living in a mansion? But of course, only a Tory would find that fair.

As regards the bedroom tax, it is evil and wicked and hurts the poorest and most vulnerable people, mainly children, who had to move away from friends and family, and were taken out of schools and live in other areas. But like every cut the Tories have done it only affected the poorest and most vulnerable in society - never the rich, wealthy or people very comfortably off.

A couple of weeks ago a mansion tax was proposed on homes over a million pounds. What an outcry from the rich and wealthy.

Another five years of Tory rule will see a return to Victorian times and the work houses.

WJ Blundell,

Cypress Place,Hunstanton