Letters: WJ Blundell, June 2, 2017

Werrington Polling Station'Ballot Box
Werrington Polling Station'Ballot Box
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Pots and kettles galore come to mind when the Tories lambast Labour for returning to the 1970s with their election policies.

Fox hunting, wage slavery, zero hour contracts, grammar schools – I could go on. Some glasshouses must have already been levelled in Tory central office. Voting has become very difficult. I am 70 years old, have always voted but now I find the politics, parties, politicians to be of a very poor standard. After six years of a Tory government, the poorest are the most vulnerable being hammered. For six years NHS staff and vital emergency workers have had to put up with a one per cent pay rise. Scandalous. Training bursaries for nurses are gone. They have to take out a loan which will put them in massive debt. But this government shows no signs of improving their lives or will continue with the austerity cuts that have failed. I feel a vote for another five years of Tories will be the death sentence for the NHS and will be like the foxes looking after your chickens. Labour under Corbyn does not sit comfortably with me, as regards Lib Dems, I don’t really know what they are about and will never forgive them for forming a coalition with the Tories. UKIP seems to be on the way out. At 70 I have never known such a shambles, politics is in a very bad way. All are promising wonderful things if you vote for them, but they are soon forgotten when elected. It’s a sad state of affairs.

WJ Blundell, Cypress Place, Hunstanton