Letters: WJ Blundell, June 9, 2015

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I must admit to being very surprised that the Conservatives won the general election and have been given the mandate to do what they like.

I believe the people have made a massive mistake, especially the elderly, pensioners and the sick who voted for them. Just remember what Labour gave the people – the NHS (the Tories never wanted it and still don’t), the winter fuel payment, free eye tests, free prescriptions, free bus passes, free TV for the over 75s, kept us out of the Euro and saved banks from collapsing, stopped us getting involved in Syria and was the only party to stand up to the fat cats and big business mostly owned by foreign firms who don’t pay their tax (the Tories won’t as they are their friends donating large sums to the Tory party).

Already the Tories are attacking the unions looking for a fight like Mrs Thatcher.

Tories do not like the idea of workers’ rights. They want the law scrapped. Their big business cronies would love that.

We are in a massive housing crisis and what do the Tories propose – sell off housing association homes? It was Mrs Thatcher’s idea, years ago, for the right to buy council homes, that started the housing crisis. Now they want to extend this to housing association homes. How will this help? Mrs Thatcher said for every council home sold, one would be replaced. It never happened. People need affordable homes to rent but the Tories are obsessed with home ownership. That comes later when people’s lives adjust, better wages, etc. How can someone on £6.50 per hour or zero hour contracts buy their own home?

One day the Tories will get to grips with reality. We don’t all come from rich, privileged families and go to £30,000 a term private schools.

W J Blundell

Cypress Place, Hunstanton