Letters, WJ Blundell, May 12, 2015

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What a good letter from Colin Bulley (Lynn News, April 28). I agree it is totally pathetic, an insult, that pensions have been increased by just 25p. Colin is right, the vast majority of MPs today from all parties come from wealthy backgrounds, who landed their position because of education and family connections years ago.

Years ago, there were more working class MPs. It is little wonder they don’t care about the lower classes and that the gap between rich and poor is getting wider. And a word to Henry Bellingham. If the Tories should win the General Election, God help the NHS, the poor, the vulnerable and the sick.

In the last five years we have seen massive cuts mainly in the public sector, many departments are cut to the bone. And it has been the same people hurt – the poorest and most vulnerable in society. Yet figures now out show the rich and wealthy make fortunes under the Tories, yet the vast majority of workers are worse off. Those earnings fell like a stone. As for the housing crisis, the Tories answer, force the housing associations to sell off their homes.

The old Thatcher right to buy scheme that helped cause the housing crisis. Affordable homes to rent are needed. But the Tories are obsessed with home ownership. Own your own home on £6.50 per hour or zero-hour contracts.

The Tories are so out of touch with the people.

WJ Blundell,

Cypress Place, Hunstanton