Letters: WJ Blundell, October 25, 2016

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No Caption ABCDE PPP-150412-103026001
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I thought the Conservative party conference was funnier than the Two Ronnies, watching a synchronised audience ready to clap on cue when Theresa May presented the well-rehearsed spiel.

It even got funnier when she said the Tory party is the party of compassion and will look after workers. She also said local people will be listened to. But the next day the Government announces French steel will be used on our new submarines. That put a thousand of our steel workers out of a job. Then the Government announces fracking will go ahead in Lancashire. The people said ‘No’ and so did the council. So much for listening to local people. Philip Hammond now states there will be no surplus money. They are going to scrap the reassessments, tests for the terminally ill, long-term disabled and sick. Took them six years to realise it was wrong. How about scrapping the vicious bedroom tax? Now Philip Hammond has scrapped George Osborne’s failed and cruel austerity plan, will we now get back all the libraries, swimming pools, care centres for the vulnerable and many other public services that were ditched?

WJ Blundell, Cypress Place Hunstanton