Letters: WJ Blundell, September 16, 2016

Artist's impression of McCarthy & Stone site in Hunstanton
Artist's impression of McCarthy & Stone site in Hunstanton
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So Mr Bellingham MP believes McCarthy and Stone are making a huge commitment to Hunstanton by building retirement complexes and have overwhelming public support?

I find that questionable. McCarthy and Stone are not doing their constructions out of the kindness of their heart or for the love of Hunstanton. They are making fortunes, that’s what it’s all about. I do not believe that Hamon Court had great support from the people of Hunstanton – many cannot believe it got permission to be built. It has ruined the view coming down Westgate with the sky meeting the sea. Now all you look at is a building which is getting higher and the roof is not on yet. Guesthouses can no longer advertise “with sea views”. After Hamon Court, McCarthy and Stone start another project soon, the site of Swains. Hamon Court is for the privileged, judging by the prices – £206,000 to £260,000 for a one bedroom dwelling. It would be nice to see something being done for the young people who are being priced out of buying a home or renting. They are being used as cheap labour in Hunstanton, they work hard for no rewards. Hunstanton needs a fresh look, jobs, homes and young people. Hunstanton has one doctors’ surgery which is at capacity now. Perhaps out of these massive profits they can build the town a state-of-the-art surgery? Won’t hold my breath. I don’t want to hear any more rubbish from the powers that be that Henry Le Strange would not like this or that – stop using his name in vain.

W J Blundell, Cypress Place, Hunstanton