Letters: WJ Blundell, September 9, 2015

McCarthy & Stone site in hunstanton ANL-150805-175524001
McCarthy & Stone site in hunstanton ANL-150805-175524001
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I am in complete agreement with John Maiden (Lynn News Letters, August 25).

The noise caused by the pile driving on the McCarthy and Stone construction site in St Edmunds Terrace, Hunstanton, is totally unacceptable.

My wife and I were sitting outside the Marine Bar having a drink. It was very busy with holiday makers having meals. You could not have a conversation, even if the person you were talking to was sitting next to you. My wife and I left, so did others, which is not good for business.

The noise must have been higher than legal levels. If I had a property in that area I would be very concerned about any structural damage that had been done.

Were they using old machinery or cutting through something they shouldn’t have?

How ridiculous to do it in the summer when people are on holiday and the main time for Hunstanton businesses.

I do hope they get compensated.

W J Blundell

Cypress Place, Hunstanton