Letters: WJ Blundell, September 9, 2016

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I thought it was April 1 – Prime Minister Theresa May wants a report on fairness and equality for the poorer and disadvantaged.

A Tory PM who cares about the people who are not rich and wealthy. You would have to be very naive to believe that. Theresa May is no different to the rest of the Tories. Her record in politics towards the poor, vulnerable, sick and disabled is not good. She voted with her other Tories for welfare cuts and attacks on the poorest and most vulnerable in society. She will continue operating her ‘wealthfare’ for the rich while destroying the welfare state. Private landlords are raking in £9.3 billion during a decade in which few council homes have been built. How these greedy landlords must love the housing crisis and backed by this Government. The NHS is on its knees, and more and more people are on zero-hours contracts which should be abolished. Poverty is on the increase with food banks being used more and more. And in April tens of thousands of tenants will be hit with a £1,000 “pay to stay” rent rise. Also under Theresa May, when she was Home Secretary, immigration was more than three times higher than the Tories promised and way above levels under Labour.

W J Blundell, Cypress Place Hunstanton