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What a lovely time of year to be out in the sun with everything springing to life and enjoying the lighter days. What more could a walker want?

My family and myself regularly enjoy walks through the paths and woods of West Acre.

Imagine our horror seeing diggers scraping up huge mounds of earth near the river to the back of the theatre, only for people to ‘bob around in boats’ and all for profit (we’ve been told).

It seems to me that no consideration was given to wildlife, flora or fauna. It has totally devastated the beautiful landscape as trees must have been felled.

I wanted to cry when we were walking there in the holidays. I would like to know how such a blot on the landscape was passed.

I’ve been told it is going to be a boating lake. What! Boating – not for me thanks! But this is a walk I feel we won’t be enjoying again.

A walker

(Not a sailor)