Your say: Not Remainiers who moan

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Your truly patriotic correspondent Richard J C English writes along the lines to just accept the EU referendum result as a done deal (Lynn News, November 25) and stop moaning.

He appears to have grasped the wrong end of the stick because may I remind him and all Brexiteers that it’s not the Remainers who are actually moaning about the referendum Brexit result. Many voters couldn’t have given a fig either way regardless of the vote because they never regarded EU membership as the cause of all the UK’s economic problems and just pinning blame on the EU was just an easy scapegoat, especially when it was all condensed down to a simply binary choice on the referendum ballot paper of ‘stay or leave’.

If anything, it’s Brexiteer ringleaders who are moaning because now that the post-referendum dust has settled and the true economic ramifications of Brexit have become evident they don’t want to be seen practising and defending what they once preached to win millions of Brexit voters over. So, whether they despise the EU or not, UK voters should take control of themselves and stop being won over by what such illusionist political conmen like Nigel Farage says just because he’s always on the media and the UK Tory establishment really want him to become Donald Trump’s UK ambassador because as an arch Tory himself, he suits their purposes, despite their phony denials.

Nick Vinehill