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Your views on Downham Market's new Lidl store, Liz Truss running again as South West Norfolk MP, King's Lynn's new health centre and a Gaywood litter pick

New Lidl store will ease up parking in the town

After almost a year, Lidl has finally got planning permission to build a store on Bexwell Road, Downham, the news welcomed by the majority of residents in town and nearby villages, many assuming it would be open by the end of 2022.

However, Tesco objected to it, questioning whether the authorities had taken into account the impact it would have on the town. In reality, I’m sure Tesco are equally concerned about a possible drop in their sales.

A new Lidl store is coming to Downham (62998753)
A new Lidl store is coming to Downham (62998753)

There will be an impact when Lidl opens. With customers parking at Lidl, there will be more parking spaces available, relieving the pressure on the town car parks.

Tesco must be aware Lidl will be on the outskirts of town. For many town residents it will be too far to walk to.

Tesco, Iceland and Morrisons are located in the town centre, which is an easy walk for many.

In the future, I understand there are major residential property developments due to be built, plus continuous property infilling – they will all need to shop for provisions.

With 455 in support of the Lidl application and only 25 plus Tesco objecting, I was astonished when the original planning application was quashed, despite the massive support for the Lidl store.

While planning permission has been granted for the Lidl store, why has the original store plan been downsized? This will result in fewer choices for customers.

I note that carrstone has been requested in the construction of the Lidl store.

Were the newly completed Costa Coffee and McDonald’s opposite also requested to use carrstone? I see no evidence on either property.

There has been concern that if Lidl came to the Downham one of the present supermarkets would close as a result.

If, regrettably, that happened there are other supermarkets ready to take over an already fully fitted out vacant supermarket site.

I recall Aldi confirmed a year or so ago it was looking for suitable premises in the area.

Thomas Eggett


Channeling inner McEnroe

I feel I must comment on the incredible remarks made by your correspondent Sheridan Payne in the Friday Lynn News Viewpoint page.

In the words of a top USA tennis player of the 1970s: “You cannot be serious.”

Liz Truss continuing in politics after she and her chancellor, between them, managed to trash the UK economy and plunge our country into a dire economic crisis.

Then she sacked him, trying to avert blame on herself. Yet Mr Payne thinks she’s the right person to represent the constituents of South West Norfolk.

Given she’s done nothing for her constituency during her 10 years as their MP, and has never apologised for her gross mismanagement as PM, always preferring to advance her career in Government.

Given the deals that she did as foreign secretary with Australia and other countries post the disaster that is Brexit, that when they come into effect will hugely disadvantage UK farmers, I can’t, in my wildest dreams, see her as a suitable candidate for a rural constituency.

I would urge her to quit and go and mess up somewhere else.

In my constituency in North West Norfolk, I’d be glad to see Jo Rust standing again at the next general election. She does far more for the whole of West Norfolk as a borough councillor than either Conservative local MPs do in Government.

George Wood


She has done nothing for us

I can’t believe that anyone is so gullible as to still think Liz Truss has any credibility. She let the country down with complete dedication to the cause that is Liz Truss.

When has she done anything that doesn’t involve a photograph?

Please support a coalition and back our local independent representatives of honesty and integrity.

Robert Gardner

South Wootton

Is new medical centre instead of a hospital?

I am wondering if I am the only one thinking that the somewhat sudden arrival of the proposed new medical centre is the consolation prize for not getting a new hospital?

Charles Fox

East Winch

Well done Gary Lineker, we love you!

It was uplifting to witness the solidarity given by fellow journalists and commentators when Gary Lineker faced state-sponsored censorship by the BBC for views expressed, not at work, but as a private citizen.

Whatever happened to that old English attitude (written by Evelyn Beatrice Hall in the early 20th Century) that “I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it.”?

Allied to the Government’s attacks on the right to strike and to demonstrate, this attack by director general of the BBC Tim Davie indicates a concerted effort by the

establishment to attack people’s civil liberties and the right to express views which are in any way progressive or humanitarian.

Well done Gary Lineker. We love you!

Kevin Waddington


Why does survey want voting record?

I am excited to participate in a local community litter pick in Gaywood on April 1 from 11am onwards.

The event will begin at Spring Lane on Gayton Road and will continue all the way to Reffley. This event is part of the Keep Britain Tidy fortnight which is happening from March 17 to April 2.

I strongly encourage other residents to join us in becoming ‘Litter Heroes’ by participating in similar events in their own communities.

However, I was disheartened to see that James Wild MP has attempted to use this event to promote a “litter survey” on his website.

Upon reviewing the survey, I fail to see why a littering questionnaire needs to ask how someone voted in 2017 and 2019.

I urge the people of West Norfolk to simply focus on keeping our community clean. Let us come together to keep our surroundings free of litter.

Cllr Rob Colwell

Gaywood South, Norfolk County Council

The right to strike is coming under attack

The right to strike is a fundamental British liberty, but it is under direct attack from the Conservatives’ draconian strikes bill.

The bill would mean that when workers democratically vote to strike, they could be forced to work and sacked if they don’t comply.

The TUC says this is undemocratic, unworkable and almost certainly illegal.

The government is wasting precious time and energy on this spiteful bill while millions are struggling to heat their homes and put food on the table.

And it will do nothing to solve the staffing crisis in our schools and in the NHS – but only make matters worse.

It’s time our Government got its priorities straight.

They should stop attacking the right to strike and give our public sector workers the decent pay rise they are owed.

Christopher Byatt

via email

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