Zeppelin Raids Centenary. Reports from the pages of the Lynn News & Advertiser

Norfolk at War ANL-141111-134120001
Norfolk at War ANL-141111-134120001
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A resident of London Road, Lynn, Mr W. F. Attwood, gave a narrative to the Lynn Advertiser which went to show that more than one motor-car was assisting the raiders.

He said: “I was in my house at about five minutes to 11 and heard a noise which I took to be a traction engine passing. I went outside and found that the noise came from above.

“Looking up I saw a small greenish-blue light going towards the South Gates. It was evidently attached to the Zeppelin, but I only saw the airship itself as something resembling a big black cloud; I could not distinguish its outline.

“The noise and the light travelled southward and I lost sight of the light for a time.

“Suddenly a motor-car with four dazzling lights on front of it came through the Gates and within minutes the Zeppelin came back. As the car passed All Saints’ church Room some soldiers came out and shouted ‘Put your light out’.

The car ran rapidly along London Road and the Zeppelin followed. The I saw a bomb dropped, apparently the one that fell in Bentinck Street, followed by another one close by.

“The car kept on its way and I did not see it again.”

The Advertiser reporter added: “While I was standing in Whitefriars Road at about 11.20pm, after the departure of the airship, I saw in the direction of Hardwick Road powerful rays cast upward by what appeared to be either a searchlight or very powerful motor-car lamps.