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Zey the Mouse Episode Seven made in King's Lynn

A popular animation series has released it’s latest instalment, said to be the “best in the series”.

Zey the Mouse, filmed in Lynn, is a stop-motion adventure. The first film was made in 2012.

The characters are made using Fimo clay and wire joints, giving them a Wallace and Gromit style look on film.


Film Maker and producer Ian Harding said:”I am delighted to announce, the brand new episode of Zey The Mouse is now on YouTube,after 18 months in the making.”

Episode Seven is entitled The Time Machine, written by Jonathan Smith.

Mr Harding plays the characters of Zey The Mouse and the Giant White Mouse, his wife Frances Harding plays Clara Cat and Ross Patterson plays Grandad Zeppe,

Since being released online the new film has had “amazing” feedback, from different places around the world, some saying how nostalgic the production made them feel.

Mr Harding said: “I have had amazing feedback saying that the episode reminded viewers of TV stop-motions series from their childhood, and also on how great the editing, story and whole production was, and that it’s the best so far in the Zey series.”

The handmade set is quaint, with lovely attention to details such as bus stop signs and exhaust fumes made out of wool.

Zey the Mouse (46690015)
Zey the Mouse (46690015)

The Adventure starts with Zey getting on the bus to go and visit his Grandad Zeppe.

This leads to the discovery of a time machine and the start of a great adventure.

He has a talk with Clara the Cat and arrives at his grandfather’s house to find him unwell.

His Grandfather Zeppe then shows him a time machine he has made.

Both Zey and his Grandad embark on a journey through time, meeting a host of creatures from different time periods, including a giant mouse that tells them they are “at the end of time”.

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