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Zey the Mouse stars in new YouTube episode

Zey The Mouse London
Zey The Mouse London

The wait is over for fans of West Norfolk’s most-loved rodent as the brand new episode of Zey the Mouse is out now on YouTube.

It is entitled Clara’s Birthday, which is the fourth in the series and has taken Lynn stop motion animator Ian Harding a whole year to complete.

He said of the animated film: “Episode four has had a lot more involvement than any of the past episodes.

“The story is more mature, with some politics and the set building has been thought about more and as a London-themed episode, I had to pick great places.

“Sets include a London Tube train, Westminster platform, also some working escalators, Big Ben and inside the Houses of Parliament.

“I did have to ask Transport For London if I could use logos in the film − they OK’d it. I was overjoyed as it was a big worry.

“I would say this is the best episode yet, as I’ve worked hard day and night to perfect it. It was tricky filming particular shots like in the train carriage, what with the angles and getting my hand in to move the characters. Making the sliding doors open was great fun.

“Also there was a lot of maths involved as everything had to be accurate on the train and Big Ben, which was the most detailed building which stands at 127cm high. Friends said that it was a great match.

“The Houses of Parliament were fun to make with panels made to look like wood and the special windows they have painted in ochre.

“Materials used were wood, metal, plastic beads, acrylic paints, foam board, cardboard, permanent marker pens, wheels, curtain rings, etc.”

The story line of the animation is that Zey and friends go to London for Clara’s birthday.

Dylan Dog couldn’t come, but they encounter Claus Crocodile on the Tube, and he steals Mr. Scottie’s briefcase.

Then they go after Claus and the police get involved, is it a misunderstanding?

Claus is worried about the plans to remove the dam which is his home in Africa and for the other crocodiles.

Mr. Scottie helps and agrees on a more beneficial way to help. Zey and company meet Mr. Bear on his scooter who also works at the Houses of Parliament with Mr. Scottie. There is a surprise at the end for Clara on her birthday.

On the team were: Jonathan Smith (the writer), who also voiced Leo Lion; Ian’s sister Frances Harding who plays Clara Cat; Ross Patterson who plays Fernando Fox and P.C. Bulldog; Scott Bikliqi who plays Mr. Scottie and Claus Crocodile; while Ian plays Zey the Mouse and Mr. Bear.

Ian added: “My friend and children’s illustrator Jennie Poh Lawrence enjoyed seeing her character ‘Mr. Bear’ in the new episode, I also enjoyed making him, his sculpture and clothes and scooter.

“On the websites I belong to I have had some great feedback so far on how the episode was great and educational.”

Link to the new episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL1i7pTLSkc

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