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Ten Mile Bank sees plenty of skimmers to 1lb and quality roach

By Pete Woodhouse


The last week has seen plenty of anglers on the bank at both the Middle Level and the Great Ouse at Ten Mile Bank.

Ten Mile Bank: Plenty of skimmers to 1lb and quality roach to 12oz, have been feeding strongly during the last seven days. Tip anglers are being kept busy when alternating baits between small worm, sweetcorn and double maggot and tares.

Pole anglers get plenty of action when fishing between 7-11 metres, maggot has been producing the smaller fish but seed and corn have produced the better quality stamp fish; nets to 20lb have been reported.

Darren Seal Nar Valley (4102148)
Darren Seal Nar Valley (4102148)

Hotspots have been Wissey Mouth-Modney Bridge. Odd fish have also been showing towards the Piggeries to Denver.

Middle Level, Peters- Pingle: Roach and skimmers have been showing well at all the normal hotspots, pole tip and waggler have all been rewarding when targeting the silvers.

Nets to 20lb are being frequently reported, odd tench to 4lb, and bream to 4lb 9oz have occasionally shown in catches reported at the Peter’s-High Road Stretch. Sweetcorn, hemp and tares have been very rewarding on the tip and pole. Margins continue to throw up the odd bonus fish.

Springside: A very good week; carp to 17lb 8oz have been recorded. Multiple catches continue to be reported.

Tench to 5lb 8oz have also been reported from the margins, pellet and boillie have been successful when using the method feeder.

Roach and rudd have also been actively feeding on the pole, whip and waggler. Perch to 2lb have also been showing when offering worm or maggot.

Bear Lake: Multiple catches continue to be reported; early morning or late afternoon sessions have been very rewarding with 12-14 carp reported in single sessions.

Method feeder is the more preferred method catching carp to 16lb when offering boillie or pellets. Roach to 1lb have also shown on lighter tackle when presenting a maggot on the hook.

Queen’s Lake: Despite a quieter week, bream to 6lb continue to feed on the traditional bream style tactics used, catches to 65lb being reported.

Plenty of skimmers, roach and rudd show on the waggler and short pole.

Shepherd’s Lake: Carp to 16lb have been showing not to just the carp anglers, dobbing bread has been effective during the last seven days for the pole anglers as the carp have been showing around the inside line at 7-8m. Bream to 5lb have also been showing on the long pole line at 13-14m. Roach, rudd and skimmers have all been feeding strongly over the baits being offered.

Tottenhill: Carp to 13lb have shown on both surface and bottom baits, floating bread flake and dog biscuits have been productive.

Method feeder is also rewarding when offering banded 8mm pellets.

Bream to 4lb have also been showing over the baits being offered. Roach and rudd come to the waggler and pole when using lighter tactics when presenting maggot.

Notice – could all anglers be reminded that when fishing at Tottenhill, NO parking is allowed on the close, and that parking is permitted on the common only, NO dropping off or collecting the tackle is allowed outside the entrance or on the close.

KLAA are currently looking for a part time bailiff to help on the rivers, anyone interested contact Ash Brown on 07876 491748.

n Townsend Lakes fishery results, Sunday, Woodpecker Pool: 1 Steven Hillman – peg 14 – 142lb 2oz – method feeder – meat and paste; 2 John Boughen – peg 15 – 95lb 12oz – method feeder 8mm pellet; 3 Michael Fish – peg 11 – 73lb 4oz – method feeder and margins.

Headfen Fishery, Trevs Lake. Winning weights: 1st 121lb 2oz; 2 58lb 2oz; 3 57lb 5oz.

Snake Lake, Fred’s Match. Winning weights: 1st 101lb; 2nd 97lb; 3rd 96lb.

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