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Consistent catches on Middle Level

Consistent catches have been reported on nearly all of the Middle Level hotspots, writes Darren Reed.

Bream to 6lb and skimmers to 2lb have shown on both the tip and pole.

Tench to 5lb, bream to 6lb, skimmers, roach, perch and rudd have appeared between Neeps and Pingles with pole and tip anglers rewarded.

St Mary’s to Magdalen High Road has been busy with bream to 6lb on the tip, and skimmers to 2lb boosting catches when offered maggot, caster and worm on the hook.

Tench continue to show in the margin swims on corn with roach nets to 15lb when offered seed baits.

Both tip and pole anglers have been rewarded on Ten Mile Bank, Modney Bridge to the Chapel.

Bream to 8lb, roach, skimmers and tench to 4lb have all shown in nets to 35lb, with maggot, caster and worm the more productive baits.

On Springside, carp to 16lb have shown to carp tactics and waggler anglers.

Anglers offering meat as bait and waggler anglers have enjoyed success when offering bread.

Smaller carp have appeared on pellet and corn.

Silver fish have fallen to anglers using the whip, pole and waggler when offering maggot and caster.

At Bear Lake, carp to 14lb 8oz have put in an appearance on the method feeder when presenting a bait tight to the island.

Smaller carp have shown in open water and in the margins on the pole and waggler.

Maggot has worked well, as has corn and pellet on the method feeder.

Nets to 100lb have been reported on Queen’s Lake using traditional bream style tactics when offering maggot or worm on the hook.

Quality skimmers, roach and rudd have shown on the shorter line at 9-11 meters, when offered maggot and caster.

On Shepherd’s Lake, bream to 5lb have shown on bream tactics on maggot or worm.

Carp to 13lb have appeared when offered pellet and boillies. Roach, rudd and skimmers have shown on the short pole whip and waggler with maggot being the most productive bait.

Bream catches to 65lb and carp to 14lb 9oz have been reported at Tottenhill on the method feeder when offered corn or pellet. Maggot has helped with the roach catches.

The KLAA National Fishing Month event, at Shepherd’s Port, was a great success with more than 20 people trying their hand at a new method.

Thanks goes to Ash Brown, Paul Fox, Rod Hicks and Ian Hoddy who gave up their time to help all who attended, and also to Anglers Corner for providing tackle and bait.

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