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West Norfolk athletes in fine form during Eastern Master Athletics Club League match at Alive Lynnsport

West Norfolk debutants made their mark in the second round of the Eastern Master Athletics Club League (EMAC) at Alive Lynnsport.

The hosts had 16 competitors all throwing themselves at various disciplines to gain valuable points for the team.

For the women’s team in the 35-49 age category, debutant Kelly Watts ran the 200m in 38:5 for fifth place.

West Norfolk Athletic Club's EMAC team at Alive Lynnsport. Picture: Tony Payne
West Norfolk Athletic Club's EMAC team at Alive Lynnsport. Picture: Tony Payne

Debutant Niamh Allitt threw the javelin for the first time since school and recorded 22.71m for top spot.

She also threw the discus as a non-scorer with 17.42m.

Jen Gosnell competed in the javelin as a non-scorer and was close to a PB with 15.05.

The triple jump was her nemesis and caused a knee injury but not without recording 5.06m for third - a result she repeated in the discus with 15.02m.

In the 50-59 women’s category, Nicky Neill stepped down an age group to run in the 35-49 400m with a time of 71:4 for seventh.

Neill was placed eighth in the 50-59 javelin with 16.84m.

Sally Edwards recorded 41:8 in the 200m for sixth, 89:1 in the 400m for fifth and 7:04.2 in the 1500m for fifth.

Katrina Wasteney stepped down an age category for the 1500m in 6:07.9 for sixth, was seventh in the 2k walk with 13:14.9 and fifth in the discus with 10.88m.

For the men’s 35-49 category, Tom Collison collected a PB in the 200m with 37:3 for fourth, threw 16.14m in the discus for fifth and 19.64m in the javelin as a non-scorer.

Ben Collison ran the 400m in 72:7 for fourth and smashed his 2k walk PB with 14:22.7 for third.

Rob Gosnell debuted with a PB in the 1500m in 5:35.4 in 4th place.

Team manager Adam Howard competed in the 2k walk with a PB of 13:59 for first in the B string, finished fourth in the javelin with 28.9m, recorded 13.59m as a non-scorer in the discus and was fourth in the triple jump with 7.27.

In the men’s 50-59 category, debutant Martin Sheldrick clocked 5:19.5 for third in the 1500 metres.

Lee Tunmore recorded 31:7 in the 200m for fourth, 18.76m in the discus for fifth, 7.4m in the triple jump for fifth, 1.3m in the high jump for fourth and 22.16m in the javelin for third.

Paul Edwards threw 20.73m in the javelin, 16.5m in the discus and 6:06.3 in the 1500m as a non-scorer.

John Greenhalgh ran 75:0 in the 400m for third - his fastest time in recent years.

The relays were 400m x 200m x 200m x 400m.

W35-49, Sally Edwards, Nicky Neill, Kelly Watts and Katrina Wasteney clocked 4:00 for second.

M35-49, Rob Gosnell, Tom Collison, Adam Howard and Ben Collison recorded 3:46.7 for fifth.

M50-59, Lee Tunmore, Paul Edwards, John Greenhalgh and Martin Sheldrick clocked 3:39 for third.

Thanks to the support of Emma, Paul, Matthew, Stuart, Cameron, Lucy, Martin, Wally, Ben and John from WNAC.

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