King’s Lynn Town FC boss Setchell details masterplan for future

Back Row l-r,Jack Defty,Simon Bird,Kevin White,Mick Wright,Kodie Turvey,Dylan Edge
Front Row l-r,Alex Street,Ryan Fryatt,Kieran Shipp
Back Row l-r,Jack Defty,Simon Bird,Kevin White,Mick Wright,Kodie Turvey,Dylan Edge Front Row l-r,Alex Street,Ryan Fryatt,Kieran Shipp
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King’s Lynn Town FC boss Gary Setchell has set out his blueprint for the summer as he looks to transform the club’s fortunes on and off the pitch.

Setchell, who is also the club’s general manager, wants to take the club a step further after securing Lynn’s best-ever Step Three finish since their reformation six years ago.

The Linnets finished ninth in the Southern League Premier Division standings on 70 points and no sooner had the final ball been kicked in anger, Setchell was already looking ahead to the future.

Setchell said: “I will stay busy this week because there is a lot of stuff to sort out on the playing front, but I may have a couple of weeks off at some point.

“Next season, on and off the pitch is going to be better at this football club and there are a lot of things to put right in the summer.

“This is my first year at it. I came in late last year and didn’t get around to seeing enough people.

“I’ve now got a full summer at it. I’ve got to go out and get sponsorship and try to reduce the deficit that way.

“We’ve got to get this pitch better than what it has been this year. We’ve had people look at it. We want a good surface because some of the football we’ve played this season has been really good.

“I feel the pitch has let us down. I’m not blaming the groundsman because it’s hard with weather and everything else, but there’s something not quite right with it so that’s a key area for us.

“We’ve got to branch out in the community more. We have got to advertise the games a lot better and get ourselves out there a bit more, but that all costs money but we are going to have to probably do that to get it back.

“I want to get the gates up to an average of six or seven hundred. I know you’ve got to be in amongst it and however well you advertise your team, you are not going to get 700 here if you are fifth from bottom.”

On the playing front, Setchell is likely to start rebuilding his squad this week.

“Any players we bring in will need to be better than the ones we let go,” said Setchell.

“We are going to have to recruit well and work hard over the summer.

“The younger players we already have at the squad will be better for this year’s experience, so it is about getting the right ones next to them.

“We need to make minor tweaks, but they are tweaks which have got to be made.

“As a manager you have to make some big decisions and bad ones personally – that’s the hardest bit of the job.

“Some players you have to look at in the eyes and tell them that they are no longer wanted after they have run into brick walls for you.

“It’s a horrible thing to have to do, but I make them because I am trying to take this football club forward.”