King’s Lynn Town Football Club release new club badge

Club badge
Club badge
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King’s Lynn Town Football Club have a new identity after the release of a new club crest/badge.

Club chairman Stephen Cleeve is delighted with the new design.

Mr Cleeve said: “I really am very pleased as to how the final crest looks.

“I was very aware of the club’s nickname and have always found it rather strange that there has never been any kind of interpretation of a bird in the crest until now.

“We are known as the Linnets, have a Linnet on our badge now so everything is married up very nicely.

“I am in the process of putting copyright on the badge which we need to do from a business point of view.

“If everything goes according to plan the club shop will be fully stocked with all the new merchandise carrying our new crest in time for the new season.”

The old club crest has been used in many guises over the years using what is believed to be St Margaret’s sword, Conger Eels and a dragon’s head – all part of the history of Lynn.

The image of a bird (the Linnet) has never been used on the club’s official crest until this time.

There are various dates relating to football being played by the club under varying names prior to 1879 but this is the earliest confirmed date recognised of a ‘King’s Lynn Football club’ hence the wording ‘from 1879’ on the new crest.