Social Soccer new football format launched in King’s Lynn

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On Monday, June 5 a new format of football was launched at Alive Lynnsport.

‘Social Soccer’ is a flexible format of the game where each side is made up with players of different ages and abilities. Each team consisted of at least one Male (17-49), female (17-49), youth player (11-16), an over 50 and a disability player.

The games were refereed by the players and a round robin of fixtures was played to ensure everyone was involved. In total 26 players made it to the first event, even though the weather was not ideal. More individuals or teams are encouraging to come forward and get involved in this free competition.

The College of West Anglia in partnership with King’s Lynn Community Football, Alive Sports Development are behind running of the programme after CWA visited a similar event in Rome, Italy before securing funding to run the project here in the UK.

The session will run for a further six weeks, every Monday night from 6.30-8pm on the astro pitches at Alive Lynnsport. You just need to register your interest with either or