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Gaywood Park account for league champions Massingham in Oak Brewery League final

Oak Brewery League finals

After a season beset by enough wet weather to gratify a duck, four teams gathered at the respective host greens to battle for the League and Subsidiary Cups.

On the Globe green, Gaywood Park met league champions, Massingham, in an ‘early kick-off’ to allow players to rush across The Walks once finished, in order to watch Lynn play Darlington.

Whether this was a full-on charge with bowls in tow is unclear, but, if so, the stewards at The Walks must have thought a new ‘senior’ type of hooligan was appearing.

Fortunately, the atmosphere on the green was less excitable, with both sides settling to their game quickly, and the bowls fates swung first one-way, then the other.

Despite the tenseness of the match, the good humour of the players shone through, aided, no-doubt, by the quality of the bowling surface.

Sandringham A (16071210)
Sandringham A (16071210)

In true underdog style, Gaywood Park held firm to beat the champions by seven shots, 79-72.

The cup, the league trophy and prize monies were presented by league chairman Brian Denham, who congratulated both sides on the standard of the play, and thanked the hosts for the use of their green.

Block scores (Gaywood Park first): K. Colby, M. Chapman, P. Neval 21 D. Jeffrey, A. Gagen, M. Williams 17; J. Fysh, F. Wyman, R. Fysh 21, F. Wyman, R. Fysh 21 V. Cross, W. Whittred, G. Gagen 15; P. Leak, S. Badrock, J. Barnes 19 D. Bunkle, T. Williams, M. Bunkle 25; C. Bullock, T. Easthall, P. Muncaster 18 M. Hipkin, B. Hardingham, B. Goodings 15.

An hour later, Terrington Memorial hosted the Subsidiary Cup Final.

League runners-up, Wolferton, faced the challenge from Sandringham A.

From the outset, Wolferton found conditions to their liking, choosing lands they were able to master, quickly racking-up a healthy lead.

Try-as-they-might, Sandringham were unable to cut into the deficit, which remained fairly constant throughout.

Wolferton (16071214)
Wolferton (16071214)

It appeared that whenever Sandringham held shot, Wolferton were able to find an answer.

Arguably in a fairer world the final score would have been closer.

However, it is only right to acknowledge that on the day Wolferton fully deserved their 93-45 shot victory.

The league secretary presented the trophy and prize monies to the sides, thanking Memorial for their use of the green and refreshments.

Bernie Amos, Sandringham chairman, kindly thanked the secretary for his efforts over the season, which he greatly appreciated.

Block scores (Wolferton first): L. Smith, D. Peak, N. Smith 23 K. Amos, P. Elvin, B. Amos 7; S. Nash, J. Bowman, P. Allum 15 R. Merriday, D. Dean, P. Woodhouse 19; M. Jillings, S. Gaskin, M. Hornigold 26 T. Cannon, R. Webster, M. Southwell 12; L. Chenery, J. Foster, T. Howell 29 T. Merriday, J. Daniels, A. Walker 7.

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