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Hard to balance speedway qualities, says King's Lynn skipper

King’s Lynn Stars’ skipper Lewis Kerr says striking a balance between all the factors needed to be a top speedway rider is a tough task.

Beware the rider who has “all the gear and no idea,” the Minors & Brady Stars captain warned as he shared his thoughts on what it takes to reach the top on the shale.

The 30-year-old from Dersingham says the human element is just as important.

Lewis Kerr.. (32438810)
Lewis Kerr.. (32438810)

The Lynn News has spoken to various personnel at the Adrian Flux Arena about the qualities needed to compete in the Premiership top flight in Britain.

And his captain Kerr, a former motocross racer, said the most important factor is what’s in a rider’s head: “I think that it’s got to be the mental aspect.

“You can be the fastest person in the world but without question you’ve got to go out thinking that no-one will beat you.

“Without question in speedway you have to be strong: pretty much half of it would be mentality, to be honest.

“Obviously being fit is important, not just on the track, but with your reactions.

Machinery is also a vital aspect which becomes more crucial at the higher levels.

Kerr explains: “The bike and your equipment at any level you have to keep up with stuff that the riders have; and that goes up another level with the Grand Prix riders.

“The balance between equipment, skills and fitness: it’s a really tough one because you can be the most stylish rider but if you’ve not got adequate equipment then you’re not going to compete to a great level.

“Also, and it’s a tough one to say, you can have ‘all the gear and no idea’.

“You can be overweight and not have the natural riding style. It all has to be evened out.”

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