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King's Lynn boss wants more after his players make it two wins from two in National League North

Shouts of "he fell over" boomed across the Walks as boss Tommy Widdrington took an untimely slip on the touchline during the first half.

Widdrington and his coaching staff saw the funny side of the incident as the Linnets boss got straight to his feet to conduct his side to another three points in Lynn's first home game of a new National League North season.

Watching the Linnets boss on the touchline during a game is worth the admission fee alone with the players mirroring their managers passion on the pitch.

Linnets boss Tommy Widdrington sees the funny side after slipping over on the touchline in the first half. Picture: Tim Smith (58622088)
Linnets boss Tommy Widdrington sees the funny side after slipping over on the touchline in the first half. Picture: Tim Smith (58622088)

A hands-on style boss, Widdrington guides his players through every pass, move and break, barking orders from pitch-side.

But even after watching his side make it two wins from as many games with efforts from Michael Clunan and his son Theo, the Lynn chief was still looking for more from his battle-hardened players.

“I think we are out of a walk into a jog now, but I think there’s more to come,” he said after the 2-0 win.

“The fact that I have to be critical is the negative, but that’s my negative.

“At the end of the day my standards will be higher than anybody’s at this football club, because my experience and my know-how of it is better.

"That might sound big-headed or arrogant or whatever, but I believe in my methods and I believe that if people slack off and become used to becoming okay with just winning, then they will not be a part of my group.

"I want them to win and win convincingly when they can and I thought we could have done that today – that is why I was a little frustrated.”

Ever since he came into the building, Widdrington has made it clear that there will be no special treatment for his son Theo who was one of his first signings.

Widdrington junior could have easily had another goal to his name had his thunderous first-half strike from 30 yards not crashed back off the woodwork.

"Like I've said before he's just one of the group here, but no he's not as good as me," said the Lynn boss when asked for comparisons between father and son.

"Technically he's a very astute footballer. He's got great feet and his ability to move the ball around is probably better than what I had but I played with better players than him. My job was more to give it to people who could do it better than I could.

"He deserves a pat on the back today whether he's my lad or not. He got it at half-time off me though as he didn't get on the ball enough.

"I blamed him for allowing people to turn away and not get on the ball. He is one of the better manoeuvres of the ball so he needs to be on it.

"If he's not getting on it then in my opinion he's not doing well enough so he did get it at half-time.

"How you react to what the manager says will ultimately determine how well you do at this football club."

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