Holder has his say on safety issue with King’s Lynn chief

Trucks R Us King's Lynn Stars Speedway Team - Chris Holder
Trucks R Us King's Lynn Stars Speedway Team - Chris Holder

Former King’s Lynn Stars rider Chris Holder insists he did the right thing in taking a stand over safety, despite facing a nine-month British speedway ban.

The Sydneysider, who plans to appeal, has been ruled out of UK racing until April 13 and fined £3,000 after refusing to ride in two of his heats in King’s Lynn’s 52-40 farcical home loss against Poole on July 13 due to track conditions.

Holder was initially hit with a 28-day ban and then sacked by Stars owner Keith Chapman.

Troy Batchelor was also axed, but didn’t face any disciplinary action after withdrawing from the fixture on medical grounds.

Holder says he has no regrets about confronting the BSPA chairman over what he felt was an unfit track, which required extensive work after heat nine before the meeting could be completed.

Reflecting on the rumpus, Holder told Speedway GB: “It’s so one-sided it’s unreal. No-one has mentioned the tonnes of material he put on the track the without testing it. It was a recipe for disaster.

“We knew when we walked the track that it was going to be terrible, but everyone walks on eggshells around him (Chapman) and everyone is scared about saying something to him. People just get on with it and I am sick of that attitude.

“We’re the ones who are racing and if we get injured, they’re looking at replacing you before you get carted out of the stadium in an ambulance. They don’t really care.

“But when a top, established guy would say something, you’d think ‘thank God someone said something. Now something is going to happen.’ Obviously he (Chapman) has a problem with listening to people, but that’s his deal.”